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Simple Linear Regression Can you please assist with this with a detailed analysis? I am interested in examining the factors that affect the selling price of a house. Wecollect data for sample of 27 houses. For each house we record the “Selling price” andthe “Size of house”. The variable “Selling price” was recorded in “thousands of euros”(i.e. 1 unit: €1000), while the variable “Size of house” was recorded in square meters(i.e. 1 unit: 1 square meter, m2). Please notice that in SPSS the decimal point is denotedby the dot (.), e.g. 8.206 is around 8). I have the following output from SPS S. Model Summary Std. Error of theR Square Adjusted R Square Estimate ——I_113-04157 ANOVAmoie— Sum or Squares ———es_1 Regression 860535.066 860535.066 67.343Residual 319459.897 12778396Total 1 179994.963 Coefficients StandardizedUnstandard ized Coefficients CoefficientsE_Std- Error —t 1 (Constant) 389.425 1.110 .278Size of house .048 8.206 .000 Can you please assist with the following questions? (1) Do the results show that the bigger the size of the house, the higher its sellingprice? We use a 5% level of significance. (2) Can you please write the estimated regression model and interpret the coefficients? (3) Can you please write the value of the coefficient of determination and interpretthis value. Do we have a good model fit to the data? (4) What is the value of the correlation coefficient between the size of the house andthe selling price? Can you Interpret this value. (5) Using this model can we make a forecast of the selling price of a house that hassize 200 square meters. If you can assist, I would much appreciate it..
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