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our charge is to take pictures (and you may also use some you already have) that capture your voice with regard to some aspect or aspects of your own intersectionality and social location. It is important to note that you will include both marginalized and privileged areas of your social identity. Thinking about two main sections of the PhotoVoice PPT or website, you will include both of the following:

o Personal: Photos that represent the intersections of your own various identities, including those that are associated with privilege and oppressed populations.

o Conceptual: Photos that attempt to illustrate intersectionality as a concept. You might take pictures of items, locations, and abstract images that would help others understand intersectional theory and the matrix of oppression and privilege.

Each student will display and explain the photos either with text explanations or voiceover. PowerPoint is the recommended format, but more creative solutions (such as a website) are welcome. Grading of the project PowerPoint will be based on the relevance of the photos, explanation of the photos, connections to intersectionality, connections to course readings, connections to concepts and theories, connections to additional module materials (videos/essays), organization, and clarity.

You must include at least 10 photos. Each photo needs an explanation and to be tied to either intersectionality, course readings, or other course concepts/theories for credit. Each caption should be at least 3 sentences. You must turn in a PowerPoint or website that meets all of these requirements.

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