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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Picassos Work. It needs to be at least 1000 words.

In having such notable skills at such a tender age, Picasso decided to drop out of school and follow a career in art and painting. In having a natural talent and gift in art, Picasso managed to experiment and come up with unimaginable work of arts at that time. He and his friend Georges Braque founded the well known abstract movement known also as the cubism. As an artist, his style became diverse with his ideologies, explicable and experimental techniques and through his different theories. Picasso was a man full of imagination and possibilities as displayed from his art work. Apart from being an artist, he was also a thinker likened to people like Albert Einstein. Living in a culture that obeyed tradition, he managed to disobey it and followed his wishes. He defied the formal rules of art to explore and master realistic painting at a tender age. This made so unpredictable with his art and designs. When young, Picasso’s painting majorly revolved around cubism and sex. In fact, there are a lot of nude art work of which he demonstrates how the body of a woman could display a lot. Through his mindset, he did a brilliant sculpture work and graphic art forms in stage design, ceramics and mosaics. To this present day, his art and work are in museums and in personal collections all around the universe. As a teenager, he did his first painting in cubism known as the ladies of Avignon. Picasso loved displaying some of his art through painting entailing the nature of a woman’s body.

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