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Write a 3 pages paper on poem the wedding dress. These lines and the subject matter as it developed for me did not lend itself to a group of five haiku. In any case, I think sonnets should be uplifting or romantic, happy. Somehow I knew that his poem was not going to be happy. Haiku, on the other hand, are different. Each 17 syllable poem must hold a complete idea. I thought this was also impossible. I decided upon a villanelle and created the first three lines(“Poetic Form: Villanelle- Poets.org – Poetry, Poems, Bios & More “). The third line was changed again as I wrote the final version. The poem has a rhythm, but not iambic pentameter.

I was watching the movie Five Days in August(“5 Days of War (2011) – IMDb “)when the poem happened. I really do not think I wrote it. I think it just happened and I wrote it down. In the early part of the movie, Russian troops attacked a wedding party and killed the groom. The bride escaped, but the scene inspired the rest of this poem. As I proceeded I concentrated on the form to make the rhyme scheme work, and the story unfolded as I worked.

First I introduced the subject in the first line. I knew I had to use wine and decided that the stains on the dress would be wine and blood. The red wine symbolizes power and the white wine forgiveness. Then we introduce the reason for the third line of the poem: the ripped wedding dress, blood, and death.I hope it is a surprise that the trip is the next stain. I do not know where this image came from, but it is powerful and I kept it until I knew what the next lines had to be.

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