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I need to find the value listed below Expected count and contribution chi-square:

The gene ACTN3 encodes a protein that functions in fast-twitch muscles. People can be classified according to which genotype of this gene they have, RR, RX, or XX. and also according to which genetic ailele theyr have, R or X. The study1 described here, examines the association between this gene and different subgroups of the population. All participants in the study live in Australia. Tearlier exercises only included the control group. Testing Genotypes for Fast- Twitd: MusdesThe study on genetics and fast-twitch muscles includes a sample of elite sprinters, a sample of eiite endurance athletes, and a controE group of non-athletes. Is there an association between gen classification (RR, RX, or XX) and group (sprinter, endurance, control group)? Computer output is shown for this chi-square test. In each celi, the top number is the observed count, the middlenumber is the expected count, and the bottom number is the contribution to the chi-square statistic. RR FiX XX TotalControl 130 226 80 436143.75 214.15 78.09 1.318 0.655 0.047 Sprint 53 48 E 10735.28 52.56 19.168.901 0.395 9.043 Endura rice 60 88 46 19463.96 95.29 34.750.246 0.558 3.645 Total 243 362 1 32 737 Chi~Sq = 24.805, DF = 4, P~Value = 0.000 (a) What is the expected count for sprinters with the RRgenotype? For this cell, what is the contribution to the chi-square statistic? Round your answer for the expected count to two decimal places, and your answer for the contribution to the chi-square statistic to three decimal places.

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