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Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Fashion marketing research. The essay “Fashion marketing research” provides a research on fashion marketing. Due to short-lived nature of particular fashion trend, fashion marketers feel the pressure of continuously upgrading inventory and product offering to customers. Otherwise, it will be difficult for fashion marketers to ensure sustainable relevance to the customer based value proposition being offered by them (Kotler et al., 2001). In order to understand dynamics of fashion market, the study has selected two UK based fashion retailers as case organizations such as French connection and jigsaw. Objective of this study will be to analyze UK fashion market by comparing these two brands. In the last part, based on the analysis, suitable suggestions will be made for improving value proposition for French connection and jigsaw. In order to conduct primary research, author of this essay has visited Jigsaw store located in Duke Street, London and French Connection store located in oxford street, London. Objective of this study had been discussed with incoming customers in both the store. Convenience sampling (non probabilistic sampling) was used for selecting five respondents in each store. Open ended questions regarding perceptions of customers regarding profile/image of these two brands were asked to customers. In case of Jigsaw store located in Duke Street, London. marketer has integrated with juice bar, juke box and coffee shop inside the store while such types of additional amenities were absent in case.

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