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11. You learned about negative feedback in Chapter 1. Apply the concept of negative feedback to a multi-enzyme pathway.12. Describe diffusion equilibrium in terms of flux and net flux.13. Does net flux proceed in a specific direction? If so, describe that direction. 14. What are the 2 types of mediated-transport and describe the three factors that determine the magnitude of flux in a mediated-transport system.15. Transport maximum refers to the point at which increases in concentration do not result in an increase in movement of a substance across a membrane. Which, facilitated diffusion or active transport, has transport maximum? Or do they both?16. Refer to your lecture notes for this question: Describe the relationship between “facilitated diffusion”, “mediated transport”, and “passive transport”.17. Differentiate between simple diffusion, facilitated diffusion, and active transport. Describe in words what is happening in each situation in terms of concentration and direction of movement. 18. Is it correct to say that primary active transport uses ATP directly and secondary active transport uses ATP indirectly? Explain.19. Is covalent modulation associated with primary active transport?20. What is an ATPase?21. If a solution has high osmolarity, what does that tell you about the concentration of water in that solution?22. How does the concentration of non-penetrating solutes in an isotonic, hypotonic, and hypertonic solutions compare to normal extracellular fluid?23. Describe the process of receptor-mediated endocytosis using a clathrin-coated pit.

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