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The following transcript comes from the monumental 2008 case of Heller vs. District of Columbia. The result of this Supreme Court case determined the Second Amendment protects the right of an individual to keep and bear arms. Read the statement and then answer the question that follows:Okay. I’d like to respond—certainly, Justice Scalia. I’d like to respond to the point about the—the District of Columbia’s position over the years with respect to the functional firearms ban. The Petitioners have had two opportunities to urge courts to adopt this so-called self-defense exception which they construed in the amendment. The first opportunity came in 1978 in McIntosh versus Washington, where the petitioners urged the Court of Appeals of the District of Columbia to uphold the law because it was irrational in their view to prohibit self-defense in the home with firearms. They deemed it to be too dangerous, and this was a legitimate policy choice of the City Council, and they actually prevailed in that view. The second opportunity that the Petitioners had to urge this sort of self-defense construction was actually in this case in the district court. In one paragraph of five to eight sentences, evaluate whether the statement is effective in terms of ethos. Use evidence from the statement to support your answer. Use proper spelling and grammar.

The ethos is the ideology that is portrayed by the case Heller vs. District of Columbia It is theguiding belief that carrying or possessing firearms for self defense is against accepted belief…

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