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1. A survey of Internet users reported that 22% downloaded music onto their computers. The filing of lawsuits by the recording industry may be a reason why this percent has decreased from the estimate of 31% from a survey taken two years before. Assume that the sample sizes are both 1451. Using a significance test, evaluate whether or not there has been a change in the percent of Internet users who download music. Provide all details for the test. (Round your value for z to two decimal places. Round your P-value to four decimal places.) 2. Which of the following summarizes your conclusion? a) We conclude that the proportions are different. c) We cannot draw any conclusions using a significance test for this data. d) We conclude that the proportions are not different. e) We conclude that the means are not different. 3. Also report a 95% confidence interval for the difference in proportions. (Round your answers to four decimal places.)4. Choose one of the options below that explains what information is provided in the interval that is not in the significance test results:a) The interval shows no significant change in music downloads. c) The interval does not provide any more information than the significance test would tell us. d) The interval tells us there was a significant change in music downloads, but the test statistic is inconclusive. e) The interval gives us an idea of how large the difference is between the first survey and the second survey.

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