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Create a 3- to 4-page Penetration Testing Plan for a specific organization.

Research and include the following:

Pentest Pre-Planning-  -Engagement timeline: Tasks and who performs them  -Team location: Where will the penetration team execute their tests?  -Organization locations tested: multiple locations, countries (Export restrictions and government restrictions)  -Which pentest technologies will be used? Consider the following as you research options:    -Scanning Tools: Nmap, Nikto    -Credential Testing Tools: Hashcat, Medussa, John the Ripper, Cain and Abel    -OSINT Tools: Whois, TheHarvester    -Wireless Tools: Aircrack-ng, Kismet    -Networking Tools: Wireshark, Hping

What client personal are aware of the testing?

What resources provided to pentest team?

Test Boundaries:  -What is tested?  -Social engineering test boundaries? What is acceptable?  -What are the boundaries of physical security tests?  -What are the restrictions on invasive pentest attacks?  -What types of corporate policy affect your test?

Gain Appropriate authorization (Including third-party authorization)

Pentest Execution Planning: Given the scope and constraints you developed in your Pentest Pre-Plan, plan the following pentest execution activities:  -Reconnaissance  -Scanning  -Gaining Access  -Maintaining Access  -Covering Tracks

Pentest Analysis and Report Planning:   -Analyze pentest results  -Report pentest results 

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