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rewrite each sentence, correcting the shift errors in person and number

1. The green-and-black poison dart frog is rarely seen because they live in the rainforests of Central America.

2. A person might be surprised to discover that they could make money by breeding captive poison dart frogs at home.

3. People should research the specific care requirements for a dart frog before you purchase one, however.

4. When we study all the various sub-species of dart frogs, you find it has a beautiful color pattern.

5.  If a potential pet-owner is looking for an animal that will fill their house with a calm, chirping song, a dart frog may be just the right pet.

6. If a buyer is hesitant to purchase a dart frog because of the potential danger from poison, you will be relieved to learn that captive dart frogs are not dangerous.

7. Dart frog poison comes from eating certain insects in the rainforest, so if the frog is captive-bred, they will not be poisonous.

8. If a person wants to own and care for a dart frog, however, we will need to learn the art of cultivating live fruit flies.

9. If a dart-frog keeper provides adequate nourishment and care, their dart frog could live up to thirty-five years in captivity.

10. If one keeps several dart frogs together, it is important to make sure their frogs do not interbreed, because interbreeding is frowned upon in the dart frog community.

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