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case 4: amazon

the incredible growth of amazon.com has put fear into the hearts of traditional retailers.

Instructionsannual report.Case 4: Amazon.comEarly in January 2015, Hopkins Comprior year to the current year.SalesAccounting, Analysis, and PrinciplesTotal assets($ in millions)Total liabilitiesDividends paidimpression of its ability to finance expansion change?Current assetsNet income(loss)Current liabilitiesCapital expendituresCash provided by operationsin evaluating Deere & Company for loans (1) due in one year and (2) dThe incredible growth of Amazon.com has put fear into the hearts of traditional retailers. Amazon’s stockcompany several years to report its first profit. The following financial information is taken from a recentprice has soared to amazing levels. However, it is often pointed out in the financial press that it took the(b) Discuss any potential implications of the change in Amazon’s cash provided by operations from the(a) Calculate free cash flow for Amazon for the current and prior years, and discuss its ability to financeexpansion from internally generated cash. Thus far Amazon has avoided purchasing large ware-satisfaction the company may have to build its own warehouses. If this happens, how might yourhouses. Instead, it has used those of others. It is possible, however, that in order to increase customer$ 3,373Current Year10,7112,5323,9324,363702216190OPrior Year$2,9293,6963,4501,8998,490204733359O

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