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1.     The International Olympic Committee states that the female participation in the 2000 Summer Olympic Games was 42%, even with new sports such as weight lifting, hammer throw, and modern pentathlon being added to the Games. Broadcasting and clothing companies want to change their advertising and marketing strategies if the female participation increases at the next games. An independent sports expert arranged for a random sample of pre-Olympic exhibitions. The sports expert reported that 202 of 454 athletes in the random sample were women. Is this strong evidence that the participation rate may increase? Complete this review to help study for the upcoming exam.

a)      What are the null and alternative hypotheses for this situation? Write the hypotheses in proper statistical notation.

b)     What conditions must be met to use a Normal approximation for this situation (name them)?

c)      Explain how the conditions have been met to use a Normal approximation. Show calculations, where necessary.

d)     What is the standard deviation for this distribution? Show your formulas and work!

e)     Neatly draw or copy the distribution from StatKey.

f)       What is the p-value for this sample? Indicate the p-value on the graph above.

g)      What is the formal conclusion regarding the hypothesis?

h)     What is the conclusion in CONTEXT in a complete sentence?

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