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(1) A good interpersonal communicator __________.

A, resists the attempts of other people to join the conversation

B, engages in lengthy monologues

C, fights off interruptions from the audience

D, invites the audience to respond after   concisely making his or her point

(2) __________ involves analyzing the meaning of what you hear, read, or see to determine its intention.

A, Passive listening

B, Telecommuting

C, Listening comprehension

D, Interpretation

(3) Ella receives an email from her co-worker Mitsuko in Japan. Mitsuko tells Ella that she will not be able to visit her in the U.S. offices as she had hoped to, and includes an emoticon to express her sadness. Which of the following emoticons did Mitsuko most likely use in her email?


B, 🙁

C, o.o

D, :-0

(5) The key to hearing accurately is focus. Which of the following is recommended for better focus?

A, looking at the speaker

B, multitasking while listening to what is   being said

C, discussing the topic with other listeners

D, thinking about what has been previously   said

(4) Which of the following nonverbal gestures would most likely indicate your happy willingness to assist someone?

A, sighing

B, looking away from him/her

C, muttering under your breath

D, pulling out a chair for him/her

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