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View “Virtual Workplace: Out of the Office Reply” and “Listening Skills: Yeah Whatever” (http://lc.gcumedia.com/zwebassets/courseMaterialPages/mgt420_hot-seat-videos-v1.1.php)How effective is the communication between Pilar and Miguel in the first part of the Listening Skills video? Did this change in the second part of the video? How does this compare to the communication between Angela and Ralph during the first and second meetings in the Virtual Workplace video? (3)What is active listening? What types of noise prevented Miguel from listening actively in the first part of the video? How is his listening different in the second part of the video? (3)Your textbook describes two main types of conflict. What type of conflict is occurring between Pilar and Miguel? How is this similar/different from that between Angela and Ralph? Explain your answer. (3)What direct and indirect conflict management approach are Pilar (in the Listening Skills video) and Ralph (in the Virtual Workplace video) using? Which of these managers is most effective, and why? (2)There are two types of negotiation: integrative and distributive. Which do you see occurring in each video? Define the criteria for effective negotiations and determine whether the final decision in each of these videos is effective or not. (2)Use at least three academic resources as references for this assignment.

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