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Homework 5: Pols 33161 . A researcher is trying to study what factors make a person more approving of Donald Trump duringthe Republican primary campaign . She uses the approval of Trump question from the 2016 NES pilotstudy ( fttrump ) . It ranks feelings for Trump on a scale from O ( completely dislike ) to 100 ( completelylike ) .The first variable she uses a person’s age . The regression results are pictured below . Answer thefollowing questions about these results .Linear RegressionModel SummaryModelRR =Adjusted RX =RAISE0. 1730.0300.02935.99ANOVA10ModelSum of SquaresMean Square7Regression478114781736.915. 001Residual1.548 8 + 6)11951295Total1.596 0 + 51996CoefficientsStandardizedaMode!UnstandardizedStandard Error1( Intercept )20.4733. 1266.550<. 001age0. 3720. 06*0 . 1736. 075<. 001A . What is the effect of a 1 year increase in the respondent’s age on approval for Trump ? What is theeffect of a 10 year increase in a person’s age ? For a respondent who is 30 years old , what is theexpected score they would give Trump ?"B . What is the standard error of the effect of a person’s age ? What is the p- value ? Is this statisticallysignificant at the 0 . 05 level ( two-tailed ) ? How do you know ?C . What is the R- squared value ? What does this mean ?"

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