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1.The first step to transfer a sample to a new container (after you have added

a new tip) is to:

a. Depress plunger to the first stop.

b. Depress plunger to the second stop.

c. Depress plunger to the third stop.

d. Place the tip under the surface of the sample.

2.You will press and hold the plunger at the second stop

a. When attaching a new tip.

b. Before placing the tip into the solution to be transferred.

c. When delivering the sample to its new container.

d. When adjusting the volume.

3.If your micropipettor is blowing bubbles in your sample,

a. You are working too quickly.

b. You didn’t press and hold the

plunger before placing it into the sample.

c. You pressed to the second stop instead of the first stop.

d. You should remove the tip.

4. If you release the plunger too quickly,

a. An air bubble will form in the tip

b. The measurement will be incorrect

c. You may damage the micropipettor

d. The tip will fall off


What is the purpose of the primers in the process of PCR?

a.   To attach to specific DNA sequences of interest to be copied, rather than the strand

b. To speed up the replication process

c. To bind new nucleotides to the growing DNA strand

d. To heat the polymerase

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