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Write a 1 page essay on Law Enforcement Challenges.

The country has three main broad categories of the law which include. civil law, criminal law and regulatory law. Therefore, there are no specific statutes that deal with the crimes that are perpetrated by cyber criminals. The government should collaborate with stakeholders in the information technology industry to come up with laws that will curb the harassment and obscenity involved in cyber stalking, bullying and exploitation. The law enforcement would be able to categorize the different cyber crimes (Brenner, 2010). Law enforcement agencies should also recruit individuals in the information technology sector to guide them in coming up with hackers and other cyber criminals out to exploit innocent people.

States should have the ability to work with one another when a cyber crime is carried out across state lines. The law enforcement agencies in the different states should share the knowledge that they hold so that they put an end to the crimes that are committed by these criminals. Some of the most disturbing crimes that are carried out through the internet involve young innocent children by pedophiles (Reyes, 2007). States throughout the country should distribute any information that they might have concerning cyber crimes to ensure that no harm is done on innocent

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