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You work as a database administrator for a software company, Human Scale LLC, which markets hosted software applications that support human resource management. The application database resides on a SQL Server 2012 instance, and for security reasons the company has chosen to install a separate instance of SQL Server for each client. When you joined the company, you noticed that they used the installation wizard for all new installations. This was sustainable for a while but now the company is taking on many new clients each week. Additionally, you have noticed several differences in the configuration parameters between instances, even though each instance should be based on standardized configuration settings. You have decided to raise your concerns to the chief technology officer (CTO). Complete the following:

•Explain why you believe an unattended installation using the command prompt and a configuration file will improve the installation process efficiency and consistency when deploying new instances of SQL Server 2012.

• The CTO is concerned that there may be other inconsistencies between the different instances of SQL Server 2012. Based on the knowledge that you have gained from Chapter 2, describe how you could check the configuration parameter values that were used for any given installation.

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