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Lab 2Pre-Lab Questions

1.   Of the four major types of microscopes, give an example of a scenario in which each would be the ideal choice for visualizing a sample.

2.   What is the difference between the coarse adjustment knob and the fine adjustment knob? When is it appropriate to use each of them?

3.   If you are using a compound microscope with an ocular lens with a magnification of 10x and an objective lens with a magnification of 40x, what is the total magnification?

4.   In this lab, we discussed preparation of a wet mount slide. Research and describe another slide preparation and an example of when it would be used.

Lab 2Experiment 1: Virtual MicroscopePost-Lab Questions

1.   What is the first step normally taken when you look through the ocular lenses?

2.   What does it mean that the image is inverted when you look through the ocular lenses?

3.   What new details are you able to see on the slide when the magnification is increased to 10x that you could not see at 4x? What about at 40x?

4.   Why is it important to be able to properly calibrate and measure objects viewed through a microscope?

5.   Describe the qualitative difference you notice with the different types of microscope views in the “Microscope Compare” and “Specimen Compare” exercises.

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