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I graduated from my ADN program in 2014, and since then I have had some great career opportunities. However, my goal and passion has always been working as an L&D nurse. I found it challenging to fulfill my passion and goal since the hospitals I was looking to work at required a BSN. I have had many co-workers and former classmates complete their RN-BSN program through GCU; all have had wonderful things to say about the program and saw their careers soar. With their encouragement and time needed to save financially, I have decided that I needed to take the next steps in obtaining my BSN.

This is my first online class/program, so I am a little worried and concern about the structure of the program and expectations. I am also concerned with my ability to stay on task and complete everything I need to be successful in a timely fashion. But after reading 7 Habits of Highly Effective Nursing Students (Moore, 2015) and Balancing Work and Nursing School (All Nursing Schools, n.d.), I will create a working space for me to complete my school work, a calendar for assignments and proactively stay ahead of schedule.

I know that as long as follow Strategy #8-Focus on Your Nursing Career Goal (All Nursing Schools, n.d.) and have my goal and passion align, I will stay on track and be successful.

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