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Write a 1 page essay on Evidence of the GM Food Unsafely.

These are the same animals that humans consume, despite the fact that they are reared using GM crops. From a food chain perspective, it should be noted that every single GM food in the food chain will eventually reach the consumer. Advocates for GM food argue that they will enhance global food security, but this should be taken with caution since a food regulating and testing body should be established first before approving GM foods.

Food allergies are a primary concern when it comes to GM food since 6% of children and 2% of children suffer from severe food allergies. GM foods can instigate a more severe allergy since they are reared to resist some conditions (Dona 164-175). Environmental risk is another factor that makes GM foods unacceptable for human consumption. These foods mean that foreign genes will be introduced into the wild population. It will, therefore, require those handling such foods to be adequately trained to avoid contaminating natural foods. Other environmental factors include reduction of plant’s spectrum, though GM foods have not been in the ecosystem for long. It can, therefore, be stated with utmost conviction that lack of evidence GM foods safety is not proof that they are safe.

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