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  1. Who is the intended audience? How do you identify the audience?
  2. What do you see as the writer’s purpose? To explain? Inform? Anger? Persuade? Amuse? Motivate? Sadden? Ridicule? Is there more than one purpose? Does the purpose shift at some point within the text?
  3. Can you identify the rhetorical appeals in this piece of writing (ethos, logos, pathos)? What would you add to or omit from it to make the rhetorical appeals more effective?
  4. How does the writer develop his or her ideas? Narration? Description? Definition? Comparison? Cause and effect? Examples?
  5. What is the tone of the text? Do you react at an emotional level to the text? Does this reaction change at all throughout the text?
  6. How does the writer arrange his or her ideas? What are the patterns of arrangement?
  7. Does the writer use dialogue? Quotations? To what effect?
  8. How does the writer use diction? Is it formal? Informal? Technical? Does the writer use jargon? Slang? Is the language connotative? Denotative? Is the language emotionally evocative? Does the language change throughout the piece? How does the language contribute to the writer’s aim?

rhetorically analyze the article and answer the questions in detail


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