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Need help with java homework.

1. What is the name for a method that responds to events?

A. Call by Parameter

B. Call by Object

C. Call by Value

D. All of the above

2. What is the name for a method that responds to events?

A. A container method

B. A listener method

C. An application method

D. A snoop method

3. The following is a definition of an abstract class Book using Java.

abstract class Book {

   String title;

   abstract void setTitle(String s);

   String getTitle() {

       return title;



What occurs when the following line of code is compiled?

Book novel = new Book();

A. A new Book is instantiated

B. A compiler warning

C. A compiler error

D. Nothing

4. Fill in the blanks so that this program displays a Java GUI frame:

public class MyFrame {

  public static void main ( String [] args ) {

     JFrame frame = new _________( “My JFrame” );

     frame.___________( 150, 150 );

     frame.___________( true );



A. JFrame, setVisible, setSize

B. JWindow, setSize, paint

C. JForm, setVisible, setOn

D. JFrame, setSize, setVisible

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