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Term Project

·       There are 2 sets of Metadata – either with a group or individually pick one of the sets.

·       These files are called Crimes 2001-Present and Traffic Violations.

·       Compile your analysis and hypothesis using analytical data.

·       Create 8 sets of Pivot Table and Pivot Charts to build and support your data

·       Anticipate any trends using linier or other methods of forecasting.

·       Build a supporting relevant pivot chart for each data

·       Ensure the formatting of the cell in the pivot is correct and the way the information is being calculated is relevant

o   Eg – if you want to show the total number of violations in a given year – Sum of count vs sum of total

·       One final worksheet compile the data and have them linked to a Main Table

·       Back up your hypothesis.

·       Create a 800~ to support your analysis and train of though

Eg – growth rate of a specific type of conviction in a region – how is it trending and is there a correlation with regards to the dates.

Ensure your written part provides a platform on the logical thinking behind your analysis.

Please find the compressed RAR file. 

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