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CJ 790 1-1 Discussion: Getting Started

watch the following webinar: The Writing’s on the Wall: Communicating Your Qualifications Using a Portfolio. This will provide you with an understanding of ePortfolios and their purpose. Then, discuss how you have developed your professional ePortfolio up to this point. What do you hope your ePortfolio will look like at the completion of this program? Discuss how you plan to use your ePortfolio in the future.In your responses to your peers, comment on their experiences in the criminal justice field. Are your goals for your career and ePortfolio similar or different? Include any advice or suggestions you have to offer to your peers in your responses.

Refer to the Capstone Discussion Rubric for directions on completing your module discussion.

I’m working as a Correction Officer now, but looking to swich over to a nother field in CJ.

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