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Write a 6 page essay on Midterm Exam Paper.

The website is very easy to navigate and page load is relatively easy. It is attractive and perfectly represents the prestige of the university at its premises. Weaknesses Scrolling pages are too fast for comfortable view, which makes it look more of advertising website than an institutional website. The tabs have no pop up functionality, which would allow viewers to preview details of the other page before actually opening it. Most of the other university websites have this functionality. The website does not explicitly advertise the on line degree programs especially with the phenomenon shift from conventional to on line based learning. Opportunities The website has high ranking and therefore appears first when searched using university initials. With the research culture well represented in the website, the website attracts potential research students. Threats Other Universities are strongly coming up with information-compacted websites. Therefore, the website may not appear when search terms such as on line degrees are used. Other university websites are more attractive and may sell the image of the university better than La Verne’s website.

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