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1.    To produce heat, an instant heat pack uses a chemical reaction. Discuss the general chemistry behind the heat production by the heat pack (you do not need to discuss the specific reaction that occurs in a heat pack). Also describe the application of the law of conservation of energy to what’s occurring in the heat pack and as the heat spreads to the surrounding environment.

2.    You can use a calorimeter that contains water to find the specific heat of an object. Explain the general procedure involved in the calorimetry to determine the specific heat of a substance. Clearly state the data that would be collected in the calorimetry experiment and how the specific heat of the substance would be calculated.

3.    For an experiment, you have a calorimeter with 350 g of water at 24°C. 175 g of crystalline ammonium nitrate from a cold pack is placed into the calorimeter. When the ammonium nitrate finishes dissolving in the water, the temperature of the water inside the calorimeter is 5.5°C. The total mass of the solution is 525 g and the specific heat of the solution is 4.18 J/g °C (the same as water). What is the enthalpy of dissolving (D

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