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Lab 6 Part 2: StabilityCalculate final temperatures for rising or sinking air parcels.Calculate distances to cloud formation.Determine whether rising mir parcels are stable or unktalde.Define the term "inversion."A rufioconde la sent skyward on a suemy day and observes the follow ing conditionsHeight aboveFeimperatureemand (miSarlike/ 0rom50372100013.30 17150014.515.52400131000410,000 149(18-F12A. Determine whether air at the ground is stable of unstable. To do this, do the following:List air from the ground to 500 m. and deternine its new temperature. Assume that netcondensation does not occur.500mCompare the temperature of the alt parcel to the temperature of air already at 500 in. Is the airparcel of the environment winner?Is air in the lowest layer of the atmosphere stable or unstable?213. Refer to the table above again. At whist layer of the atmosphere do we have a temperature inversion?Remember from lecture that a temperature inversion occurs when temperatures increase with height.1020. In a sentence or two, explain why temperature inversions are very stable.

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