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Brilliant Color is a small supplier of chemicals and equipment that are used by some photographic stores to process 35mm film. One product that Brilliant Color supplies is BC-6. John Kubick, president of Brilliant Color normally stocks 11, 12 or 13 cases of BC-6 each week. For each case that John sells, he receives a profit of $35. Like many photographic chemicals, BC-6 has a very short shelf life, so if a case is not sold by the end of the week, John must discard it. Since each case costs John $56, he loses $56 for every case that is not sold by the end of the week. There is a probability of 0.45 of selling 11 cases, a probability of 0.35 of selling 12 cases and a probability of 0.2 of selling 13 cases.

Solve the following table and answer:

a. Construct a decision table for this problem and include all conditional values and probabilities in the table

b. What is your recommended course of action?

c. If John is able to develop BC-6 with an ingredient that stabilizes so it no longer has to be discarded how would this change your recommended course of action?

: Probabilities Expense per Case 556Profit per Case 535 1. Complete Table above2. Calcultae using Profit

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