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Q#1 Napoleon Bonaparte was a renowned Jacobin, brilliant military leader and strategist, and a shrewd statesman. And yet after 1804 he ruled France, and French empire, as an emperor. What are the implicit contradictions in this arrangement and how did napoleon square them?

Q#2 How do we link the ideologies of liberalism and socialism to the technological, economical, political and social changes that industrialization brought about?

Q#3 Nationalism is a powerful force that unites people around a political/territorial/cultural identity. What are the virtues of, or concerns about, unification regarding the italian and/ or the german case? In other words, what are the positive aspects, or dangers, of such efforts at identity agglomeration?

Q#4 How do you explain the hegemony of Russia,France and Britain…what has contributed to their power? Does this mean other European states are at their mercy, or are there alliances forming, or are the smaller states simply existing as independent entities – what is going on in the periphery?

Q#5 Russia is on the verge, in the late 19th century, of a great socio-political revolution. Can you see it coming? Are there signs?

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