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Italy on the other hand, followed the secret promises by its allies in the London treaty in aim of annexing the Northern Dalmatia and Australian Littoral. This action led to the generation of the present day Trentino and the South Tyrol. All the three superpowers were aimed at recovering as much as they could from the tremendous loss they underwent in the war.

Mussolini signed the 1929 Lateran Pacts in coalition with the Roman Catholic Church which led to the formation of the little but independent state of the Vatican City. The pacts empowered the Vatican City by installing more powers into it which allowed it to transact around it neighbors. It is one of the smallest internationally recognized state.

The formation of these states was as a step of creating a defensive mechanism for their specific three nations. It was also a deliberate plan invented to prevent a reoccurrence of a similar war activity although it failed. The failure was caused by the humiliation of Germany and other countries which led to initiation of the World War

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