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Need an argumentative essay on How Will We Love. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The culture in North America has shifted as younger people maintain a romantic view of marriage. Marriage, in this sense, means people falling in love and living happily thereafter. This is in contrast to the former days when commitment to marriage was primary in maintaining a marriage. Since commitment was a priority, older couples would develop love as the relationship grew. Love arose out of the struggles that the couple went through rather than the initial ecstasy that the couple felt.

People hold on to the ideal of romantic love because the modern culture reinforces the notion. Such images are explicit in advertizing and other forms of media such as movies and the television. Individuals escape the harsh realities of their daily lives by clutching onto this delusional ideal. In turn, people in relationships do not take practical steps to save and preserve their relationships. Besides, images of romantic love prevent people from witnessing when their marriage relationships are beginning to

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