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Assignment 1: Discussion—Power and Influence

A marketing channel usually consists of at least one independent organization that another organization depends on to perform certain tasks well. 

Assume that you are the manger of a manufacturing firm that depends on a large retailer to reach your target market in a certain metropolitan area.  You have discovered that a significant number of sales of your product are being missed because the product is out of stock in the retailer’s stores.  Consider the five sources of power discussed in the text and how effective you feel each would be to utilize in this situation. 

  • Select the source you feel would be most effective in getting the retailer to change their inventory policies so that out-of-stock missed sales of your product will be reduced or eliminated.  Describe that source and why you feel it would be most effective.
  • Select the source you would turn to next if use of the first source does not work out and explain why that would be your choice.  

Write your initial response in 3–4 paragraphs.

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