write my assignment 11053

I am in beginning level of python and need help.

I need help writing a Python program that does the following. 

  • making a string that is a long series of words separated by spaces. make it up yourself.
  • I need to make the string into a list of words using split
  • then I need to delete three words from the list, but delete each one using a different kind of Python operation.
  • Sort the list. 
  • also how do I add new words to the list (three or more) using three different kinds of Python operation. 
  • how do I make the list of words back into a single string using join
  • and finally how do I print the string. 

Can you please help me with examples of the following using Python lists.

  • Nested lists 
  • The “*” operator 
  • List slices 
  • The “+=” operator 
  • A list filter 
  • A list operation that is legal but does the wrong thing 

Can you please include the Python code and output for the program and all examples. 

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