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To ensure a smooth  The Venus Factor 2.0 metabolism it is also wise to eat fairly frequently. Some people trying to lose weight skip one or more of the meals. They then become so hungry that it in turn they are at risk of over eating. If you eat between meals it is therefore easier to eat normal amounts of food in the main meals.It is a good idea to eat something that is healthy and provides a gastric fullness that lasts for a while. Chocolate sweet biscuits soft drink or a hot dog is not the smartest choice. It is not healthy and you will quickly be hungry again.

Products containing sugar provides a quick blood sugar rise. This causes the body to secrete to much insulin to clear sugar from the bloodstream which in turn causes the blood sugar to fall rapidly and you again will become very hungry and hungry for something sweet. This is not good It is best to eat something that creates a balance between the fast and slow carbs this will keep your blood sugar stable and your digestion will have something to work with.


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