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Question 1 15 MarksMojo Beverage placed the following advertisement in a local newspaper on 25 January:’Come one, come all! Fishermen and women of Lake Tranquil. We are offering to pay $100,000to any person who catches Lord Harry, a trout which we have tagged and released into thelake.’The following day was the Australia Day holiday. Lake Tranquil was crowded with peoplefishing both from the bank and from boats. At about lunch time, a rumour spread among thepeople on the bank that there had been an error in the advertisement: that the true amountshould have been $1,000 and that Mojo Beverage had announced that the prize would be thelower amount. The rumour was in fact true. Ben heard this rumour from the stranger fishingbeside him, minutes before catching Lord Harry. A Mojo Beverage representative was onhand to certify the catch before Lord Harry was released back into the lake, but did not sayanything about the amount of the prize.Ben is claiming that Mojo Beverage owes him $100,000.Advise Mojo Beverage, explaining applicable legal principles and citing relevant authorities.

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