write my assignment 10564

  1. Using Chapter 11, determine the primary means of communication used by this Leader. Was this Leader an effective communicator?
  2. What Contingency Theory of leadership allies to this Leader? Examine and apply the two theories of Charismatic and Transformational Leadership to this Leader. Determine the level of authenticity, ethical and trustworthy behavior of this Leader. (Chapter 12)
  3. *Find examples of the Leaders exercise of power and use Chapter 13 concepts to characterize what kind of power was used, the tactics employed and its effectiveness.
  4. *Examine how political (pages 380-392) this leader was and whether it was constructive or not. Write a final summary of your team’s opinion of the ability and ethical application of power for this Leader.
  5. Find an example of conflict (Chapter 14) this Leader dealt with and use the course concepts to judge its results. Was this Leader an effective negotiator? Explain your answer using concepts from this chapter.

i need it for sam walto leader of walmart (mgmt 591)

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