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The pressures P and volumes V of five ideal gases, with the same number of molecules, are given below. Which has the highest temperature?

a. P = 1 × 105 Pa and V = 10cm3

b. P = 3 × 105 Pa and V = 6cm3

c. P = 4 × 105 Pa and V = 4cm3

d. P = 6 × 105 Pa and V = 2cm3

e. P = 8 × 105 Pa and V = 2cm3


An adiabatic process for an ideal gas is represented on a p-V diagram by:

a. a horizontal line

b. a vertical line

c. a hyperbola

d. a circle

e. none of these


The temperature of low pressure hydrogen is reduced from 100°C to 20°C. The rms speed of its molecules decreases by approximately:

a. 80%

b. 89%

c. 46%

d. 21%

e. 11%


Which, of the following temperature changes, would show the smallest change in entropy for a pan of water on a hot plate?

1. 20°C to 30°C

2. 30°C to 40°C

3. 40°C to 45°C

4. 80°C to 85°C

a. 1

b. 1 and 2 are tied for smallest ΔS

c. 2

d. 3

e. 4

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