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As an epidemiologist you are going to investigate the effect of a new IV drug suspected of causing neoplasms when used to treat a particular type of common infection in the emergency room setting. As your sample, you will use the next 200 patients treated for this infection in a given hospital. For tach case of the infection a medication history will be taken from the patient and from the treating physician; in addition, you will review medical records to verity use of the drug. The patients are considered to have been followed prospectively during the entire course of their illness, because a complete and accurate record of drug use was maintained for each patient. The resultant data are: Forty patients were given the suspected drug during their treatment. Of these patients, 35 developed the neoplasm. In addition, 10 other patients treated for the infection with a different medication developed neoplasms. What is the relative risk between exposure to the drug and the neoplasm? 






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