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I need you to develop a conclusion for my marketing strategy assignment.

Directions: “Conclusion: Identify 3 alternative solutions# 3 pros and 3 cons for each solution; and pick a best solution and defend it. This is the same process we went through for each case we studied. Total pages 3-4”

Background: The company I am working on is United Airline. The company we are competing with is Spirit Airlines. The problem identified is that there is an increase in competition for economy-based flights. United has came up with a strategy to help compete by implementing Basic-Economy as a part of their services. Your goal is to explain three solutions as to how United can better compete in the market of economy-based flights. I have already came up with 3 solutions and only SOME pros and cons, but they NEED to be expanded on. Here is what I came up with.

Solution #1: Expand economy options to broader markets: small domestic cities, oversea destinations (ie Singapore, Sydney), and Hawaii.

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