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Younggi Beak

Maher, Terah

Architecture 1301

5 September 2018

Everyone should become artist from your hand

              Most people have an experience of art. However, many people did not recognize that when they had an experience of art and some people afraid to creative something. However, I think that sometimes, art is easy to us because art is always around us. For example, if you made a cook, it is also your experience of art. Your cook made your hand and your ideas so, I think that everyone should make creative something. How do you think drawing? It is also difficult to you. Maybe when you were student, you have experiences about essay. If you have tried this method, you are artist because you expressed yourself to your writing. Drawing and writing use just different way and tool. Drawing is represented your expression by drawing. This is the difference between writing and drawing. Now I will tell you about “The Drawing Hand”.

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