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Hobby expenses- Effect on AGI. C is a successful attorney and stock car racing enthusiast. this year she decided to quit watching the races and start participating. She purchased a car and entered several local races. During the year, she had the following recepits and disbursements related to the racing activities:

Race winnings 3000

property taxes 2800

fuel, supplies , maintenance 1000

her AGI exclusive of any items related to the racing activities is 100,000

a) Indicate the tax consequences assuming the activity is not considered to be a hobby.

b) assuming the activity is treated as hobby, what are the tax consequences

c) assuming the activity is deemed a hobby and property taxes are 4000, what are the tax consequences

d) what is the critical factor in determing whether an activity is a hobby or a business

e) what circumstances suggest the activity is a business rather than a hobby

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