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1. Graph the following systems of equations. a) x=4y=-2b) 2x+3y=1y=-2/3x+4c) y= -1/3x+1-6x+2y=22. Describe what each pair of equations looks like when graphed. For example, are they intersecting, parallel, or perpendicular lines? If they are intersecting or perpendicular, what is the point of intersection? You should have 3 answers for this question, one for each system of equations. (6 pts)a)b)c)Sample response: The lines for 1d are parallel; therefore they don’t have an intersection point.3. Write a paragraph (min 100 words) explaining what patterns you found when graphing. What did you notice about the slopes of the lines? Are there other methods aside from graphing that you can use to solve systems of equations? If so, what are they? (4 pts)Post your answers to questions 2 and 3 in your Individual Forum. You do not have to attach the graphs. Please do not post it as an attachment. Post it as text in the box

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