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3.3 The City Commission of Nashville has decided to build a botanical garden and picnic area in the heart of thecity for the recreation of its citizens. The precedence table for all the activities required to construct this areasuccessfully is given. Draw the Gantt chart for the whole construction activity. TIME (m IMMEDIATECODE Actrvn‘r thscmvllon HOURS] PREDECESSOHL’SiA flaming Find location; 20 Nonedetermine rawrceB Purdming Requisitlm oi 6|] Flaminglumber and sandC . Excavation _ Digandwade ‘ 100 _ PlanningD Sawing Saw lumber into 30 Musing! _……………… A .E Pimem Pasitim lumber ‘m 20 Semi-1g,correct locations amnionF . MW _ Ndklnbernoedia’ _ IO _ PlaournmG lnfll Pu sand in 20 Assemblyand under theH Dudl Pm dirt around the In Assembly_ equbrnent _I Decoratim Pu grass 8| 3|] hill. outfilover the garden, landscape, paint

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