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1.      Detail, in your own words why the parentheses are needed when evaluating 2 + (3*4) or (2*3) + 4.

2.      Discuss why -a2 is always negative (a ≠ 0) and why (-a)2  is always positive.

3.      Who invented the customary +, -, ×, and ÷ symbols? In what publication did they first appear? We also use the diagonal bar to denote fractions example a/b. Who were the first users of the diagonal bar? From what did the diagonal bar evolve?

4.      Why do you think a/0  is not defined?

5.      Explain in your own words how you verify and answer in a word problem.

6.      Write in your own words the difference between an expression and an equation.

7.      What is the procedure to write a number in scientific notation? What are the advantages and disadvantages of writing numbers in scientific notation?

8.      Explain the difference between product rule and power rule.

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