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Optics STSE

Using the above picture of Bell Fibe TV, independently or with a partner, answer the following



What does Bell Fibe have to do with optics? Explain. Hint: Think of what “Fibe” stands

for. (/5)


Explain the scientific principle(s) involved in making Fibe work. Include sketches to aid

your description. (/5)


With respect to Bell Fibe, explain what scientific advancements have led to the

development of this technology. How is this form of technology more improved than

earlier ways that we would view and watch television? How has society benefitted from

this new technology? Explain. (/5)


With all the research you have done on Bell Fibe, would you purchase it for your house?

Explain why or why not. Be sure to back up your thoughts with information you’ve

found. (/5

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