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While Google is not a search engine that is recommended for academic research, we are going to use it in this forum to explore information literacy in a way that should be familiar for you.

Go to  and type – Fukushima nuclear disaster – in the search box.

Note there are more than 1.5 ‘million’ hits for this topic and think about these questions.

What are you expecting to find in the first few hits? Do you think the hits on the first page will be the best? The newest? From the best sources?

Now scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on page 10. Select any page greater than page 10 and review the ‘hits’ on that page. write reaction to what you learned about information literacy. Tell us what page you chose, detail the source quality, age of the sources, whether any are paid ads, etc. and be sure to provide specific examples and links to sources on your page.

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