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Based on a visual comparison of the two curves in Panel C of Figure 1, would you say that the groups are different in terms of “survival”? Give a reason for your answer.

Styles100Mother $2^`old122430Age ( 1To !Four 1 . Kaplan – Motor Plots Showing the Proportion of HIV -Infected Children without Opportunistic Infections or Encephalontiny during the First 20 Months Of Lie ."Panel A In = 1621 shows the overall percentage of children fromOldsongs . FONT EIN = 1451 Shows the porciniage Of OFCARE`Tree children according to the flagg al debate in the mother at thetime of delivery IF _O.OOI for the companion between groups . bythe log- tank lost), and Panel C In = Joel shows the percentageof damage frog children According to whather mytotal $24 {nti.Don was present ( p 24 + | or absent (` ?_ _ ^ at the time of doivory|P .O.Org by the log- tank lost!

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