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Be sure that your essay evaluates the prevailing assumptions of how the history of America’s founding has been told and the place of the individual you are researching within the historical record.

Your essay should be approximately 1,000 words in length, and it should follow the protocols for citation that Rampolla outlines in chapter 7. Please include a bibliography at the end of the essay, following the sample on p. 154.  NO PLAGIARISM, 1,000 WORDS IN LENGTH.  I TIP VERY GOOD WORK, INSTRUCTIONS ARE VERY CLEAR JUST FOLLOW THEM, PAYMENT WILL GET CANCELED IF NOT 1,000 WORDS AND IF PLAGIARIZED AND NOT FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS.  THANK YOU!

1 IntroductionAbraham Lincoln held a few workplaces in his ascent to the top where he inevitably heldthe most astounding office in the area as president of the United States of America. Not just…

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